Will the six Premier League clubs be punished for their European Super League plans?

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10 thoughts on “Will the six Premier League clubs be punished for their European Super League plans?

  1. nobody said “oh but what about wigan fans, its not their fault” and just the other week we were asking uefa to ban slavia prague because of something one man said, nobody asked if their fans deserve it. so why now its the big 6 we all of sudden care? i think we all know why.

  2. You have to wonder why media and sky sports folk are suggesting that throwing in a women’s super league could help in their next attempt. I think that’s very dodgy

  3. The clubs are directly responsible for the situation they’re in.
    It’s them who’ve allowed player wages to sky-rocket.
    It’s them who’ve allowed transfer fees to sky rocket.
    Most of them have no Financial Discipline or Diligence.

    Why is nobody talking about this?!??

    How are players allowed to earn 300,000€£ every week as direct Salary?!? Regardless of whether they play good or bad?!??

    How?!? In what world is that ok?!? Bear in mind I’m not talking about Messi/Ronaldo/Suarez here.
    We as fans need to have this conversation because it’s the elephant in the room.
    Let’s consider Liverpool as an example simply because they have players who “arguably” have had the highest work-rate/output in the last 3/4 years under Klopp in terms of distance run per game and other statistics.
    Who in Liverpool gets paid above 250k directly as Salary? Only VvD and Salah.
    The rest them earn very reasonably when compared to other clubs. There was a study done on this comparing the salaries of players at different clubs.
    Imo, Liverpool is one of the most financially disciplined clubs in Europe. Let’s put aside the fact that Jon Henry was one of the main party to initiate this ESL.

    The rising Players Wages and Salaries is the main underlying issue that’s at heart of this ESL that nobody wants to address.
    Cristiano makes about 100 million because of sponsorships every year. Who decided to give Messi 500 million as a direct component of Salary?!? Who was the donkey who made this decision?!?? Now that Barca is in fukin Debt they are planning to monopolize the competition along with other Idiots.
    Believe me as football fans (not club fans) this is a conversation that NEEDS to be had. Players need to be paid a fixed component of Salary, and a Variable Bonus Component based on their performance output ( Goals, Saves, Clean Sheets, Assists, Pre-Assists, Chances/Opportunities Created, Key Passes, etc)
    This Conversation needs to be had sooner or later.
    Those fuking owners and executives are fuking incompetent who dress up in fancy suits.

    Dortmund, Liverpool, Leister, Athletico Madrid are some of the most Financially Disciplined and Well -run clubs.
    You don’t have divas & Super-models like Neymar, Pogba, Ozil, etc.
    I’m not even going to address Rmadrid and Barca because they’re a disaster.
    That Bartameo idiot gave Messi half a Billion as Direct Salary.

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