UFC 261: Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal Official Weigh-Ins Main Card

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10 thoughts on “UFC 261: Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal Official Weigh-Ins Main Card

  1. If you haven’t gotten the memo, Usman is the best fighter in the UFC hands down! This kid does nothing but elevate his game in every fight. It’s scary because he hasn’t reached his peak yet. I predict he wins 30 title defenses before he retires. Bold? Maybe BUT I don’t see any reason he can’t do just that. He’s young and smart. He doesn’t care or isn’t phased by the press. His demeanor and coolness in the octagon make him a very special champion. Today he has become my favorite fighter all time!

  2. The Zhang guy is a dude. There’s more than one way to tell. Two of the most obvious are the structure of the spine, as in inserts into the top of your pelvic girdle. Women evolve with a deeper s at the bottom of their spine, at point of insertion into the pelvic bone, because of the way space has to be created to cradle the larger components associated with pregnancy – the child needs room to be curled up a little, into a sorta kidney shape, and be able to roll and move around in the water and not have the stiff vertical blade of the spinal column interfering in this, slamming the fetus into it.

    So on women there’s a curvature, to the bottom of the spine that’s not ever in there in men, and it’s not ever NOT in there in women. It’s plan and simple a function of the angles of integration with the pelvic bone. Full fucking Stop.

    When you see a human being and the line you can see of it’s spine, drops in a nearly vertical way toward the top of the pelvic girdle, THAT’S a MAN.

    HOW it’s BUILT was determined specifically FOR sexuality of male or female load bearing by the skeletal system, a few WEEKS into it’s fetal stage.

    There’s also another thing at the other end of the spinal column, and that’s the larger, heavier heads, of males. The body also, ALWAYS has to account for this and it does so through attachment of the bottom end of the neck into the upper thorax, around a much broader circle – where a man’s neck integrates into his torso is physically, structurally different in several ways, and the MAIN one is the insertion of the neck of men onto a larger circle to account for what will be a larger, taller head structure thats’ going to wrench around with a lot more force when snapped like a whip so this creates two things or three rather, simultaneously. The ribs grow into a larger arc from 7 to 15% larger in volume to account for that much more lung demand.
    The shoulder blades are spread apart, and on the front of the body, the collarbones are lengthened to account for the spread of shoulder blades, the trapezoidal muscles integrate into the neck structure much differently, and the total angle of the insertion of the neck is altered so that the entire thing, presents a very obvious picture of angles of upper arm bone hang, the climb of large trapezoidal muscles up, out of the top of the thorax, to strengthen the base of the neck’s insertion onto the torso, the spreading out into that legendary V and ultimately DIAMOND shaped BACK: this is a STRICTLY MALE TRAIT, to account for the way all these bones and muscles are altered in the womb, a few WEEKS into fetal life, to account for the bigger head, and for the generally larger ribcage which will secure it from damage in bipedal and acrobatic activity.

    You can look at his facial bones and see he is a man, too. He has a quite masculine face that is highly genotypical of asian male people and highly atypical of asian women’s facial structure.

    He is a MAN. Not MAYBE, not just sometimes, HE is a MAN.

    Go look at ”Zhang highlights” and notice how distinctly the entire upper body is PURELY that of a man. HE is a MAN beating up WOMEN and STEALING their purses, ruining their health, ending and foreshortening their careers.

    His body – is ESPECIALLY masculine there ARE no female traits to it as with a lot of people where they don’t have a particularly male or female body style. He HAS a very masculine skeleto-muscular style.

    LOOK at that VERTICAL SPINE and how it makes a MAN stand vs how WOMEN’s backs are shaped when they stand upright, hands up.

    It’s a M. A. N. beating up WOMEN, ruining their legacies, STEALING their MONEY.

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