This is why we can't have nice things

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10 thoughts on “This is why we can't have nice things

  1. A system we need to artificially perpetuate by wasting perfectly good things. Capitalism really is silly if you think about it. That doesn’t sound efficient at all.

  2. I don’t agree on the LED light bulbs. I have never had (in Africa) any lasting more than 2 years, even for the best and original bulbs. However, we have to factor bad energy quality, frequent outages, etc.

  3. This is exactly what humans still do to this day. This is the fatal flaw of humans that is eventually going to lead to us being even more enslaved until we are complete slaves.
    This is why you have to change your paradigm on what makes you happy than buying products or spending money.
    All companies will collude to some level to rip you off. Just watch the video some guy made about how printers are made. Printers are purposely made with sophisticated flaws designed to fool the buyer into buying multiple printers and buying lots of expensive ink.
    The thirst for power, money and control is so pervasive corporations will use lobbying, government, pressure, and censorship to control people, governments, and organization and the public.
    Humans are basically greedy bastards that will lie and kill for power. That’s why voting doesn’t work anymore, and humanity is doomed to complete and total misery. Technology is going to be used to control all of us very soon, because too small of a percentage of the population is curious enough to question what’s really going on. These morons are going to doom us and our children to slavery, and there is no stopping it now.
    My advice? Find happiness in human relationships, not buying things.

  4. This video is tied up with the sync video. We would have good things if all humans tried to be a bit more original. Imagine our cars… music, or just the behaviour of kids and adults… the chaos of human behaviour would lead to a less chaotic world. “Stupidity” and “smartness” would cancel each other out, because noone would choose based on public opinion (aka whats cool)…

    If you agree, then try to live like it… I want my future kids to be friends with your kids (or have good friends at all) 🙂 (im 19)

    Stupidity and smartness doesnt exist, I just wrote those two words to make it more understandable.

  5. “disposable society” by Esther Phillips is just a fitting song on this matter.
    if you dig the old soul voices, surely search this number.
    bless, great video 👍

  6. The government doesn’t need to put laws in to make this happen. We as consumers need to stop supporting business that practice in ways we don’t like, rather than continuing to shop at places that try to manipulate us like this. If Apple want’s to restrict those who want to fix their stuff, so long as they are open about it, let them. If you don’t like that practice, don’t buy Apple. Your dollar is a far more valuable vote than anything you ever put into a box on election day. Use your votes wisely.

  7. It’s insane that people in 1955 were able to buy NEW cars every other year. In 2020 I’m looking out to buy a car, and I’d have to save up my entire pay for 300 months to be able to even buy a new car. The newest car I can afford was built in 2005. Most are older than I am.

  8. Henry Ford never said anything about his car being painted black, and actually, the first model Ts weren’t black, but there were different available colors.

    This was on QI, haha

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