"This CANNOT be allowed to happen!" | Carragher and Neville give damning verdicts on ESL plans

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10 thoughts on “"This CANNOT be allowed to happen!" | Carragher and Neville give damning verdicts on ESL plans

  1. 2 jealousy 🇬🇧 farmers always bark 🐕 against football’s icons fc Barcelona and Real Madrid

    Stop crying farmers and try to reach our 🇪🇸 clubs’ level

  2. I still don’t understand why the big fuss. Would be nice to see top teams playing each other more regularly. And who says that Champions league is ending? There will be more football same as before plus now the Super League.

  3. Football need a new challenge cause the Premier league fa cup carbon Cup have all run it course when all u looking at is Manchester City arsenal spurs Chelsea Liverpool and united be pushed into every tournament so the Premier league can make a profit from fans and it is the same crap in the champions league and Europa league cause they are using the same boring 😴 teams in them tournaments year after year football is nothing more than a money scam to make money from fans that y I gave up watching the Premier league

  4. I think Neville and Carragher need to look at the wider picture. here . Yes we are all shocked by the ESL and the timing of the announcement left a lot to be desired . However the real villains are once again UEFA they are the greedy ones because the expanding UCL is nothing more than a money grab .They don’t care about anything else . They care nothing for the welfare of the players who now play three games a week on a regular basis . They threaten clubs like mafia Dons about FFP and so forth but they are all about greed themselves . There are other problems with the game but the ESL is about the governance of the game by the probably corrupt UEFA . Remember Platini remember Blatter we have seen it before .

  5. Say that about the protest laws vaccine passports Israeli green pass dog tags and yellow stars.. embaressing that this is all you fight for and call yourselves men

  6. Hi as a big fan at the club with everything going on in football Gary Neville asking football club owners to leave due to their behaviour is he going to ask Ryan Giggs to leave Salford City FC if found guilty in Court with his behaviour I hope something gets done about this as it will be going on Twitter and Facebook if found guilty and us women will make sure we push this all the way because us women have gone through a lot over lockdown with domestic violence at its highest it’s ever been would much appreciate it if I get a email back please many thanks

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