Making Strides With an Ankle Fusion

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10 thoughts on “Making Strides With an Ankle Fusion

  1. I’m 49 and facing a fusion after several breaks over the years. My pain is getting worse each week and as a nurse I’m on my feet a lot. Also my ankle locks or just gives out and I can’t out my weight through it. Thank you for putting my mind at rest.

  2. I know u have posted this 2 years back… i salute every person who have beared the fracture pain…

    I Got my anckel and fibula broke on 20 September 2019, got operated on next day… now its been 3 months… now i am able to put 50% weight with walker as assigned by doctor… i want to ask for how much time i will get the whole mobilty of my foot back.. i know u also have seen the stiffness a lot… just tell me how mych time it took to your anckel to get its original mobiloty back… and brother i want to know how much time it will take to bear 100% weight to my feet

  3. I just had a clean out op on my bad left ankle. I also fear one day having a fused ankle. I ride harleys and love to play golf and used to love walking. Please tell me more about ankle fusion and how you are getting on now. I have heard about artificial ankles, is the technology here now???

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  5. I just got my right ankle fused 3 months ago and the pain is gone and I’m just starting to walk again it was a great decision even though I was scared 😱 at first

  6. I am just 4 months post-op, What they didn’t mention was 3 months in a wheelchair, 2 or 3 on crutches, 6 months off of work That being said, pain is near none,( Tired by long times on feet, or end of day) The pain for the first 3 months is NUTS!! but gets less with time. I must be getting better I want to go back to work.LOL

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