India records highest daily Covid death toll as virus engulfs country – BBC News

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10 thoughts on “India records highest daily Covid death toll as virus engulfs country – BBC News

  1. Nobody likes lockdowns. They cost alot and do significant economic damage. But if they could implement it as a short term “firebreak” it might buy them enough time to get more vaccines ready.

  2. ivermectin -live to see another day -nebulized peroxide -vit d3 zinc tonic water -ozone water – nebulized ozone water -vaxxed spread cov-aids mutant variants cycle of a virus trying to survive

  3. Maybe this also bcs the curse from Indian farmers.While they continuously protests coming away from their houses ,the govt beaten them and after many months govt do not give any reasonable response, even not any single acknowledgement from PM Modi.Also not get enough support from public ,bollywood stars in their YouTube channels whr Bollywood get support abt 100 M with 24 hrs nd farmers get 1.2 m subscribers support only.

  4. Why blame the government? You could think rational and take necessary precaution to avoid covid yourself. You know covid is contengeous yet you no wear mask and did not practice social distancing. Blame yourself first before the government.

  5. This government and media mislead the country. Huge money wasted in 2020 to buy expensive foreign weapons and to create border conflicts, instead of taking care of the public health facing the threat of the pandemic.

  6. 先々は、宮崎に帰ります。実家が心配だからです。2004年が消えました。自由反逆の穴だらけが秒刻みで進行中です。いくらなんでもひどい世界でした。2021年5月3日。

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