European Super League clubs ‘SPITTING ON ACHIEVEMENTS’ of others – Burley | ESPN FC

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10 thoughts on “European Super League clubs ‘SPITTING ON ACHIEVEMENTS’ of others – Burley | ESPN FC

  1. But why all the wailing and gnashing of teeth? What on earth did you fans expect? Elite football (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A etc) has been awash with filthy money for years and years. Football is a business now, not a game! And you fans have made it infinitely worse with your sheep-like paying of huge amounts of cash for season tickets, hospitality and all kinds of overpriced shirts, strips and other merchandise for your kids. You only have yourselves to blame! Think about it.

  2. Things like the ESL are inevitable when you have a world of infinite growth that is destroying the planet for the greed of a rich minority. A world where rich bankers are allowed to get away with crashing the economy, causing ordinary working class people to suffer because of austerity. A world where we have a network of rife government corruption and cronyism. It’s the inevitable result of living under a capitalist system run by greedy parasites. Well done to all the real fans out there, this is a victory for grassroots working class people power. Keep fighting.

  3. Since when is Real Madrid €900 million in debt. It’s €600 Million over the course of 30 years to pay off their new stadium.
    And they are playing at their training ground as the stadium gets built , not because they couldn’t fill their stadium.
    They always filled their stadium and always will. Which club can fill their stadium ATM with covid restrictions.
    It’s great the ESL has been scrapped.
    But exaggerating is not necessary.
    It can we’ll work against you.

  4. The small club are giving these statements Coz they knew they would never get included in that high paying Super League so they were like let’s get some PR value. Lol

  5. 5:05 He’s 100% right. If you want politicians, or corporations, or football clubs to do or not do something, you have to give them no other option. Like the fans did here. All politicians are nepotistic and corrupt, all corporations are only in it for the money, major football clubs are corporations..,

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