Emanet 147. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 147

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10 thoughts on “Emanet 147. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 147

  1. Zuhal: The file you need to examine is at the bottom, Yaman.

    Seher: Why did I hug him? Because of Yusuf’s condition. That’s why.
    Hello, Kiraz.
    Kiraz: Seher… What did you do? I was worried about Yusuf. What did the doctor say? Are you at the hospital?
    Seher: No, we’re at the mansion. Yusuf is fine. I mean, he hasn’t leukaemia.
    Kiraz: Really? But then why did the test results come out like that?
    Seher: Symptoms are close to it, but it can be treated with medication. I mean, the treatment process will be easier.
    Kiraz: I’m so glad, Seher. What will happen now? I mean, you wanted to go. Yusuf will be treated with medicine. What do you think?
    Seher: I don’t know, Kiraz. Are you at home? If you are available I would like to come over. I really need to talk. Also, I will tell my mother Nadire what happened.
    Kiraz: I’m at home. Come right now. I’m waiting. I’ll call also aunt Nadire.
    Seher: Okay. See you then.
    Kiraz: See you.

    Seher: When you work, I don’t want to bother you. I haven’t seen Nadire for a long time. I could not tell her what happened to Yusuf either. If she hears it, she’s sure to be offended. If there was a suitable car, I was going to ask if they could take me and bring me back.
    Yaman: My chauffeur will bring you.
    Seher: Thank you.
    Yaman: Pass my greeting to her.
    Seher: Okay, I will. If Yusuf…
    Yaman: Don’t worry. I’m here. I’ll take care of him.

    Zuhal: Damn it.
    Ikbal: What’s happening?
    Zuhal: Like you said. I went to Yaman’s room to learn something from Yaman about the detective issue. When I got inside, I saw Yaman sitting on the floor with that peasant playing marble. I don’t get it. I’ll go crazy.
    Ikbal: Zuhal, tell me without driving me crazy. Did you find out anything about detective from Yaman?
    Zuhal: NO! If the detective had communicated with Yaman, he wouldn’t play marbles with the aunt, would he?
    Ikbal: My men still haven’t reached the detective. So this guy is serious.
    Zuhal: If he’s serious, why don’t you just text the guy and offer some more money?
    Ikbal: How easy is that in your little world? I wish he just accepted the double price and we could just leave all this behind! But he’s upset with us. He doesn’t trust us anymore! So he can do anything. Do you understand?
    Zuhal: So the man is still on our neck. What are we going to do? What if the man comes here? He can come.
    Ikbal: We will find out as much as there is information about the man. Residence, addresses, family, whatever… You start working now. Even if we can’t reach the detective, keep his family at our fingertips.

    Nadire: Oh my Seher… what you all went through. You haven’t told me anything.
    Seher: So don’t be afraid, mother Nadire. You have high blood pressure. If you were upset, I could not stand strong. That’s why I didn’t say it.
    Nadire: Yusuf, my lamb… He was very impressed, for sure. Is he okay now?
    Seher: He’s okay. Thank God. Do you know… he kept us on our feet. He’s got a big heart in his tiny body. We were almost falling with his uncle, but he held our hands. He was so brave.
    Kiraz: God bless him. Thank God.
    Seher: Yes. Thank God. No more sadness. I believe he’ll be cured right away with that drug treatment.
    Kiraz: What will happen now, Seher? I mean, Yusuf, mansion, you…
    Seher: I don’t know. I’m so confused. Nothing has changed, but what happened…
    Kiraz: What happened?
    Nadire: What happened, Seher? Is it about Yaman?
    Seher: What we’ve been through… made me question everything. I mean… the way he was by Yusuf’s side… the way he comforted him… he was so scared. He became a different man. So I understood: A part of him is night, another part is day. Whenever the sun comes out… darkness follows it. But… it’s like… it’s like… he wasn’t that heartless savage during all this disease period. It’s like he was the man he used to be. I don’t know if he will continue like this. But I wish everything were as it used to be.

    Cenger: Little sir just fell asleep at noon. He was in a good mood and joy.
    Yaman: Okay. Let me know when he wake up. It is necessary not to skip the medication time.
    Cenger: Don’t worry. After the good news of the little sir, it seems that there has been peace and goodness in the mansion for a long time. In this process, Miss Seher had a difficult time too. But now she looks happy too.
    Yaman: If only… If only this peace could last, Cenger. I wish the contents of that file were not true. But after all that happened, there is one thing I’m sure of. Her love for Yusuf. Get that fixed. At least there are still things to repair.
    Cenger: I wish you could see that you love each other as I do.

    Bora: Do you know what causes meteor showers?
    Neslihan: I don’t know. But it looks beautiful.
    Bora: There are a lot of celestial lines in the universe. And a lot of pieces of them are breaking away. When the breaks enter the atmosphere, they release light due to friction. You entered my life like that, Neslihan. It is as if you came away from among tens of people. You left a mark. You brought light into my life. Don’t hang your head. We came to watch the sky, not the earth. Are you not happy to be here?
    Neslihan: I’m so happy.
    Bora: Then close your eyes. I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes. Now you can open your eyes.
    Neslihan: These… These are very nice. Everything is beautiful tonight. I don’t remember when was the last time I was happy like this.
    Bora: I will make you even happier. You deserve all the happiness in this world. I can’t be separated from you. I always want to be closer to you. I want to take you into my life, Neslihan. I want you to penetrate my everything and be a part of me. I want you to know my friends, my family, everything in my life. There is a party tonight. Everyone will be there. All my friends. And I want them to know that you are my girlfriend. Should we go together?
    Neslihan: We shouldn’t go. Aren’t we better like this here?
    Bora: You get nervous. I understand, but we are lovers now, Neslihan. So everyone should know this. Neslihan, I am serious about what I said. I want you to meet my friends first and then my family. I want you to be my life. Don’t you still trust me?
    Neslihan: I trust you. I trust you very much.

    Ibrahim: You are slacking at work time, Firat. My Commissar shouldn’t see it. Was the joke that bad?
    Firat: No, Ibo. My mind is on that guy. I’m looking at his Social Media account. When I see the places he travels, the cars he rides, and the rich people he meets, I inevitably cannot fit Neslihan in this picture. As if there is something else. Is it greed, is it obsession, or is it really love?
    Ibrahim: You’re right. I don’t get it too. I guess we won’t understand what happened.
    Ali: What’s happening, friends?
    Firat: It’s nothing, my Commissar. We just talked to each other.
    Kara: My Commissar, there is news from the informant. Large quantities of drugs were supplied for a crowded party today. If we act immediately, we can intervene before the drugs reach the neighborhood.
    Ali: Are we close to the neighborhood?
    Kara: Yes, we are very close.
    Ali: Everybody get ready. Ibo you keep in touch with us. Information flow may be required.
    Ibrahim: Okay, my Commissar.
    Ali: Contact with support forces, Kara.
    Kara: Okay, my Commissar.

  2. This drama is very addicting. You want to know what’s next right away. Yaman has more questions but to care for Seher specific is always loved. Thank you so much for the upload.

  3. For a few days the automatic translator worked properly and from today it does not translate into Polish again. Please, let this translator work without any problems at last. It makes no sense to watch something you don’t understand.

  4. His always second guessing everything about seher 😏😏😏😏n not even for once believe in her..now with that photo on your hands yaman ,it should give you a sign that seher is completely innocent 🙄🙄🙄🙄 very soon the truth will be out and you’ll really regret ever breaking her heart 😭😭😭

  5. I have nothing Hope from the Man just wishing Yusuf alway healthy day by day and his auntie will have a change out of the mansion house happy after ever with someone else love her no matter what

  6. A dúvida tá matando o Yaman.O homem quando ama ,ama pra valer,já nós mulheres amamos com maior facilidd,pois os homens não tm a mesma nossa sensibilidd que já natural da mulher.Eles demoram mais pra deixarem se levar por algum sentimento,pra continuarem se achando durões,machões e não uns bundas- moles(pior que viram mesmo quando tão amando)Yaman é um exemplo vivo disso,era todo bandidão e agora virou um Au Au com carinha de pidão KKKKKKKKKK

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