Eks KKM Laksda (Purn) Frans Wuwung Ungkap Penyebab KRI Nanggala-402 Tenggelam hingga Terbelah

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10 thoughts on “Eks KKM Laksda (Purn) Frans Wuwung Ungkap Penyebab KRI Nanggala-402 Tenggelam hingga Terbelah

  1. Melbourne Resident: Such a Touching Story Should Be Told

    Mr. Chethan, a software engineer from India

    Mr. Chethan is a software engineer who moved to Australia from India. When he learned why 10,000 Falun Dafa practitioners appealed on April 25, he said, “People from all countries should not just feel sad for those innocent people who are being persecuted in China, they should also stand up and make their voices heard and oppose the persecution. This persecution should not have happened at all.”

    When he learned about the effects Falun Dafa has in restoring health and that it is taught free of charge, Mr. Chethan said he plans to introduce the practice to his family in India as the CCP virus (coronavirus) epidemic in India is very serious and he hopes that his family will give it a try.

    Mr. Chethan said that Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance are universal values. “What the world today needs the most is compassion. If more and more people can abide by these principles, the world will become a better place,” he said.

    Rene, a retired cameraman, admired practitioners’ courage in exposing the CCP’s crimes. He said, “The CCP is very dangerous. Most people would not dare to stand up but Falun Dafa practitioners are very, very courageous. Their telling Australians the truth about what is happening in China is very important because currently, there are still many people who do not understand or do not care. But the CCP’s recent infiltration into Australia is very serious. Now is a good chance to expose what’s happening.”

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