Burning Back Pain with Radio Frequency Ablation

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10 thoughts on “Burning Back Pain with Radio Frequency Ablation

  1. I can’t take this pain no more, it’s horrible, I am only 33,but after hitting the gym and pushing I don’t know how many kilos,i once woke up with the pain and It stays for days or weeks, I have a break for a day sometimes but it’s coming back even worser after the break. It’s a pain I can not really describe, all I thought of was it’s like my back is on fire, or someone pulles a knife in and in again… Sorry for my English I am from Germany. After the covid drama I will definitely look for a doctor to check this. I always had problems with my back but not like this :/

  2. My partner experience discomfort in his leg, back and neck. Due to this particular back discomfort guidebook, he was able to take care of those problems. He explained it gives the coziness he desires whilst sleeping, particularly in keeping away from back ache.. Research this tip on Google, the tip name is Mason Κonozback
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  3. I had this done and the results are amazing, absolutely amazing! It was a long procedure since the insurance company Blue shield wanted me to get two sets of cortisol with lidocaine injections so that there was proof the radiofrequency ablation would work. The cortisol in lidocaine basically maps out the back for the doctor and shows him what spots give you relief and what spots don’t so he can burn the correct set of nerves. My first set of shots worked in the second set did not so we were able to establish which nerves to burn. My doctor was very careful not to jump in and just start burning nerves. Anyhow I am very happy with the results I thought I would be a cripple the rest of my life but I’m back to construction and lifting 70 pound pieces of lumber with no problem. I do wake up with a lot of pain in my legs which I never had before that goes clear up to my hips which is something new but if that’s the only problem it’s a good trade-off since 10 minutes of stretching in the morning makes the pain in my hips go away. I would highly recommend it but you better check out your doctor for references they better be darn good at what they’re doing. Watch out for the quacks, there out there and they will mess you up!!!!!! I found a lot of good information on yelp, trust me if there is a bad doctor out there he’s going to get yelped to death from unhappy patients. Beware of good results from people that do not have a long history on yelp. If the person only has one review this could easily be an Astroturfer. Astroturfing is when doctors hire public relations firms to make them look good on Google searches. If a person gives the doctor a good review take a look at their other reviews and make sure they’re just not giving everyone a glowing review. If they don’t give any bad reviews there probably Astroturfers working for a public relations firm. Use your intuition when researching, buyer beware!

  4. I’m 11 days post nerve ablation. I’m in agony pain. I can’t hardly do anything. I hope it gets better. I might lose everything and be on the street at 50 years old. I can’t work.

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  6. I got hurt on a job in 2003. I have a bulged disc L4 5 S1..Degenerative Disc Disease. Osteoarthritis. No one ever recommended me this procedure. I want to look into it. Now that my pain medication is down like 70% i have a lot of pain. I am sick of wearing a tens unit. Need to get to the ROOT of the problem!!

  7. Right after using this plan, my sciatica pain has been remedied. It has allowed me personally to sleep conveniently in several postures. Now I feel comfortable with my hip pain already gone. Look for this guide on Google, the tip name is Mason Κonozback
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  8. It had been only Two days ago since I employed this back discomfort, however it already made a few distinction. Vital to keep away from low back pain. As I had imagined, it satisfied my expectation. I have just utilized it a couple of times however appears to do what it`s meant to.. Research this tip on Google, the tip name is Mason Κonozback
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